Tranquility Himalayans

"lovable works of art"

Supreme Grand Champion Tranquility Funfetti

Funfetti has been going to shows since she was a four month old kitten and finalling at every show.  A TICA judge trainee needed a long hair cat to show so it was decided that Fun would be the best choice.  The judge took her to several shows where she finaled at every show. and now she's a Supreme Grand Champion in TICA .  We will see what the future brings!

QGC Tranquility Candystripe

Tranquility CandyStripe was awarded the best a Seal Torbie Point Himalayan the South East Region of TICA.  She is also a Quadruple Grand Champion.  More shows in the future for her.

Tranquility Neutron Star

Tranquility Neutron Star   A six month old tortie point Himalayan kitten  at her first CFA show.  She finaled in four rings.  CFA show in Sanford finaled twice at a CFA show.  Star achieved more points as an adult at the Palm Beach Show in Sanford Florida.  She has just been spayed and will retire to a wonderful pet home in Oveido Florida. 

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