Tranquility Himalayans

"lovable works of art"

Tranquility Buster Brown

Tranquility Buster Brown
Sire GC Nahfoura Trogdor the Burninator
Dam GC Tranquility Falling in Love
Buster has been doing great at the shows Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers Willa Hawke 5th, Diana Doernberg 2nd Wayne Trevathan 4th, Diana Rothermel 6th, Don Williams 6th, Jody Garrison 7th, Jan Rogers 9th

At the Cats Exclusive Show, Gary Veach 4th, Wayne Trevathan 9th, Hope Gonano 2nd.

Buster was 2nd best Persian HImalayan Kitten in the Southern Region and 6th Best Himalayan kitten in Atlantic Himalayan Club 2014-15 and 6th Best Himalayan kitten in the Persian Breed Council  Himalayan division.

Tranquility Hunk o' Burnin' Love

Tranquility Hunk o' Burnin' Love  Cats Exclusive Cat Show placed 2nd in Karen Godwin's specialty ring at 4 months old

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