Tranquility Himalayans

"lovable works of art"

Supreme Grand Champion Tranquility Funfetti

Supreme Grand Champion Tranquility Funfetti .  Fun received a BEST cat at the TICA Skyway Cat Club in Clearwater August 7.  2022 and achieved the coveted Supreme Grand Champion award.   She has gone on to be the best Himalayan in the SE region in TICA.  Thanks to Theresa Carroll-Childers TICA judge trainee who showed her to perfection.   

Grand Premier Tranquility Hot Diggety!

Diggy became a Grand Premier,  She is also CFA's 5th best Himalayan Premier in 2021

GP Purrstar Prince Charming

Purrstar Prince Charming was sired be Ch Tranquility Hearts Afire and his dam is Purrstar Moonstruck.  He is owned by Meg Ridgeway. He was shown in TICA and received a national win! IW BW SGCA

GP Tranquility Buster Brown

Tranquility Buster Brown achieved his grand premiership at the Cotton States Cat show in November 2018. He easily surpassed the minimum points. 

SGC Tranquility Mango of Sheikspurr

Supreme Grand Champion in TICA  Tranquility Mango of Sheikspurr.  Beautifully presesnted by Lucy and Scott of Sheikspurr cattery. 

GP RW Tranquility Butterball

GP Tranquility Hot SaucED

Grand Premier Tranquilty Hot SaucED granded at the Cotton States show in Atlanta Ga. November 2017.  He is just a delight to show.  Loves being groomed and loved showing and playing with the judges.  Now living with Kathy in Naples Florida