Tranquility Himalayans

"lovable works of art"

Grand Premier Tranquility Butterball

Butterball waiting to be called to another ring at the North Texas/Ft Worth show in April.  There were a lot of potential National Winners there but he brought his A game and finaled in two ringsButterball is the 17th best Premier in CFA Southern Region and also Best Himalayan Premier in the Southern Region

RW QGC Tranquility Mango of Sheikspurr

RW QGC Tranquility Mango of Sheikspurr.  2018 Best Red Point Himalayan  of the year in the South Central Region.  Mango has also   also achieved some grand points in CFA shows. Beautifully shown by Lucy and Scott of Sheikspurr Cattery in Texas.  Mango is the twenty first best longhair cat in the South Central Region and also the best Red Point in the South Central Region.  2017-18

Grand Premier Tranquility Butterball

Grand Premier Tranquility Butterball relaxing after his grand slam of finaling in all six rings at the Gasparilla Cat Fanciers show in Melbourne. 

Tranquility S'mitten

Tranquility S'mitten has gone to two shows and has already achieved 51 Grand Points! She's a tortie point female. She's now living at Jovial Himalayans.

GP Tranquility Butterball

Butterball continues to do well at CFA cat shows finaling consistently in Premiership.  He enjoys going to shows and I enjoy showing my cats in premiership.

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