Tranquility Himalayan & PersianCats

"lovable works of art"

Tranquility ZigZag of KTWO

Tranquility Zigzag of KTWO at the Gulf Shore Region Fall Fundraiser in Rosenburg TX where as an open she received BOB in four rings out of six with  8 Himalayans present. Dec 3 2016
TICA third best Seal Tortie Point Himalayan 2017.

TICA Skyway Club show Nov 19 & 20

Tranquility Hot Sauce as a kitten finaling in nine of the twelve rings at the Skyway Club  TICA show

Skyway TICA show Nov 19 & 20

Claire White with her new kitty Tranquility Zigzag of Ktwo a tortie point female going home to Texas after finaling in 3 rings and becoming a champion

Tranquility Hot SaucED, Zigzag & Tamale

Hot Sauced finaled in five different rings in a TICA show in August.Including a BEST in an All breed ring. He was four months old.   Zigzag finaled twice and Hot Tamale finaled once in a specialty ring, .  

Tranquility Eyez Amazin of Diorzable

Introducing Maze a flame point male living in Brooklyn NY with Linda Pucciano and Dawn Opanache..  Watch for him in the show halls.  He's from GC Tranquility Jimmy Neutron and Tranquility Sunflower.

Tranquility Bugatti of Diorazble

Introducing  Tranquility Bugatti of Diorazble a flame point male living in NY with Linda.
Look for him in the show halls in the future.

GP Tranquility Skyfall

GP Tranquility Skyfall granded at the Absolutely Abysinnians show on 1/3/16. A great start to the new year. 
Persian Breed Council 9th Best Himalayan in Premiership. 
 Atlantic Himalayan Club 9th Best Himalayan in Premiership.

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